How should I design my ePoster?


We recommend using Microsoft Powerpoint. Please use the following general guidelines. Please contact your conference organizer for specific conference guidelines. They should be available on the ePoster submit form.

  • Microsoft Powerpoint: ppt and pptx
  • .Jpeg files
  • Multiple slides
  • An ePoster ppt can contain text, pictures, video
  • Animations and video's are supported but not recommended. They are not supported on the tablet versions.
  • We don't recommend using on click animations, please make all information visible on the slide
  • We don't recommend using automated transitions, this is confusing for people browsing your ePoster
  • When your ePoster is accepted for publishing, you will receive an email with a preview link. Please review it before the conference

Can I use a template?


We recommend the usage of ePoster templates. If your conference has a template, you can download it from the submit form.

As on organizer use the online manager to add a template to the submit form. Standard templates are available from the download section of the online manager.

Can I customize the look and feel of ePoster Presenter?


ePosterpresenter can be custom branded for your event, you can change colors, logo's and sponsor logo's. You can manage the general branding settings from the online manager, every player will take over these settings. If you want a specific player to be branded differently, you can change the branding in the player settings.

Is it possible to add sponsors?


Simply upload the logo of the sponsor. 

Can I manage my ePosters on any computer?


Simply surf to and login to your account. In the manager you can publish, review or change ePosters. When you sync the players onsite, the changes will take place.

Can I manage more than one conference at once?


You can manage an unlimited number of conferences at once.

Do I need to divide my poster into separate slides?


ePoster presenter supports multiple slides. You can design your poster in ppt or pptx. Please contact your conference organizer for specific submission guidelines.

I cannot log in or I cannot find where to upload my poster


Your event organizer can provide you with the link to the submission form. As an organizer you can find the submission link in the settings tab of the online manager.

If you have problems to login: please contact us at: (please include details: Conference name, your name, email and poster number and title.

I don't know my ePoster number


Your ePoster number should be provided to you by your conference organizer. If you haven't received it please contact the scientific committee of the conference.

Is it possible to upload a video fragment that is used in the presentation?


Please upload the orginal video files in combination with your Powerpoint file. At the moment, the most common video formats are supported on our submission form. It's advised to review your ePoster online and double check the video files.